How long will AquaSmart PRO™ last in my yard?

AquaSmart PRO™, if applied to our recommended specifications, will give benefits lasting between 1 and 5 years. There are many factors that affect the longevity of the superabsorbent particles this including: Soil profile of your yard, or the hardness of your water. Generally, the harder the water in your area the more often AquaSmart PRO will need to be applied.

How much AquaSmart PRO™ do I need?

The amount of AquaSmart PRO™ needed is based on size of yard and local climatic conditions. Each 40lb bag of AquaSmart PRO™ will treat 1000 sq. ft. For example, an average yard area is about 3,000 sq. ft., so you would need 3 bags of AquaSmart PRO™ to cover the entire area as recommended.

Can I use too much AquaSmart PRO™ ?

Yes. AquaSmart PRO™ provides specific usage instructions for your lawn for the highest quality results possible. In some cases using more is better, but there is a point where it could be too much. Using too much product can affect the health of your lawn or create a slippery surface to walk on. We recommend achieving the ideal application rate for your circumstance by using multiple applications then observing.

How does AquaSmart PRO™ work?

AquaSmart PRO™is an engineered, biodegradable, superabsorbent sand created with a patented process that attaches a micron sized polymer particle the sand that allows it to retain up to 12 times its weight in water and water soluble nutrients. As water enters the treated area, it will adhere to AquaSmart PRO’s™ super absorbent particles, which then retain the moisture in the root zone, releasing them as needed to the plant. AquaSmart PRO reduces watering by making your watering or rain events more efficient for the lawn. It acts as a millions of moisture reservoirs in the soil that will be available to the plant when it is needed.

Will my lawn be safe for children and pets after applying AquaSmart PRO™ ?

Yes. When used as recommended on grass and plants, AquaSmart PRO™ is safe for children and plants. AquaSmart PRO™ is also completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Can I use AquaSmart PRO with flowers and in vegetable gardens?

Yes. For potted plants, blend recommended amount of AquaSmart PRO™ from the chart below with potting soil, then finish planting. For flower beds, transplanting, or planting in native soils, see recommended transplant rate from chart below. Put half of recommended rate into the hole dug for your plant and blend the other half with backfill dirt that you will replace around the plant. Give the plant a healthy amount of water once planted to activate the AquaSmart.