Grass & Turf Application


Spread AquaSmart™ PRO evenly across the area where the sod will be installed and scratch the product into the soil with a rake or similar implement. Lay sod and apply one heavy watering (generally double the standard irrigation run time) to fully hydrate product. Return to normal irrigation run times, but decrease watering frequency by up to 50% depending on climate, soil type and variety.

Success stories

To observe the results of AquaSmart Pro on grass growth the AquaSmart Team in West Texas performed a 25 day experiment. The team selected a plot of grass and marked the test site with a hula hoop. On the first day of the experiment, AquaSmart was topped dressed within the hula hoop and hand watered the product for activation. The area was briefly watered four days after the first watering and also received 1/10 inch of precipitation three days after the second watering. The results are pictured below and speak for themselves. At the end of the 25 days, the test area in comparison to the control areas showed increased growth.

A home owner in Sun City had his landscaper install AquaSmart™ PRO in his yard earlier this spring. Bermuda tiff (with shallow black clay) was aerated and top dressed with AquaSmart™ PRO and Dillo Dirt. Yard A and Yard B have sloped contours and have been watered the same. Yard A home owner installed a Base Line moisture sensor and recently reported he had reduced his current irrigating protocol by 40% vs. the same time period last year. Yard A home owner has organized a water ambassador committee to help bring exposure to AquaSmart™ PRO and its benefits. Sun City is drastically adjusting their water rates and water utilities. Residents are looking for alternatives. The success in this one yard has already led to several more sales and installs. Sun City has over 6,00 yards. This success story and testimony is opening the potential to reach hundreds and potentially thousands of yards.

An experiment was completed to demonstrate the extraordinary root growth of sod where AquaSmart™ PRO was applied. The experiment was performed on three test plots of newly installed sod located in the Mojave Desert where temperatures reach a scorching 130 degrees. For the first 10 days, the plots were watered regularly to observe sod performance under normal watering conditions. After the first 10 days, watering was decreased to two times per day. After three months, results concluded that the surfaces of the plots did not show significant changes or differences, however when the sod was pulled back it revealed increased root growth where AquaSmart™ PRO was applied. The root growth the sod had established was extraordinary under the dry growing conditions.


These areas outside our branch were over-seeded in September of 2011. Because the rye seed was still growing in June of 2012, it was stealing the nutrients for the Bermuda to come out of dormancy. This is a sloped area where we have always had trouble with irrigation. I applied AquaSmart PRO, without aeration and the Bermuda is thriving and AquaSmart PRO has done its job without any increase in watering.
The turf in this area continues to thrive even under our current water restrictions of only two times per week. On a regular basis, I walk customers out to this area to show them the results firsthand. What a great product and really easy to sell with the proof right outside my door!
– Tim Heggision, Ewing Branch #56

AquaSmart PRO Application for Residential Lawns

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