Plant & Tree Application


For potted plants, blend the recommended amount of AquaSmart PRO with potting soil, then finish planting. For flower beds, transplanting, or planting in native soils, put half of the recommended rate into the hole dug for your plant and blend the other half with backfill dirt. Once you finish planting, water thoroughly. See chart above for recommended rates.

AquaSmart PRO Application for Plants

Success stories


Brian Stewart, Master Gardener and AquaSmart™ PRO customer conducted an experiment on potted plants at his nursery using AquaSmart™ PRO. AquaSmart™ PRO was incorporated into the soil of one basket at the rate of 4 tbsp for a 24-inch planter. The plants were grown with the same nutrient and watering schedules and over a period of two weeks, the results showed that the plant with AquaSmart™ PRO was greener, bushier, and overall healthier than the plant that did not have the soil application.

“I noticed a dramatic reduction in the frequency of watering needed to maintain the growth of our baskets,” said Stewart. “AquaSmart™ PRO has made both the growth rate and vigor of our baskets excellent.”