How It Works


First aerate your lawn. This helps remove the thatch and makes it easier for the AQUASMART™ PRO granules to get into the root zone.


Use a drop spreader to apply AQUASMART™ PRO at a rate of 40lbs per 1000sq feet. The drop spreader allows for a more precise, even application across your lawn.


After spreading, activate AQUASMART™ PRO by giving your lawn a healthy dose of water.


AquaSmart PRO has created an innovative product that allows for users in the landscape, lawn, and garden industry to directly and conveniently distribute and utilize the benefits of super-absorbent polymers.

These super-absorbent polymers have long been used in the green industry because of their ability to absorb huge amounts of water. However, it wasn’t till the late 1990’s that scientists began improving the ability to release water and nutrients to the plant.

Now, with AquaSmart PRO, turf and landscape professionals have the ability to utilize these powerful, efficient polymers and get even distribution in the soil. When activated, AquaSmart PRO it can hold 12x its weight in water. When added to soil, this significantly increases the soil’s ability to retain both moisture and nutrients.

Another key feature of our AquaSmart PRO technology is its slow release time. Moisture and nutrients are slowly added back into the soil. The retained moisture and nutrients are easily accessible to the roots of your plants and turf. This optimizes the conditions of the soil to promote healthy growth of the roots and establish beautiful, green growth on the surface.