Sports Fields & Horse Arenas


20 – 40 lbs per 1000 sq ft / per inch the AquaSmart is tilled into the soil. Ex. Baseball field has 10,000 sq. ft of dirt. We would recommend the 20 lb. application tilled in 3 inches. This equates to 600 lbs. of AquaSmart spread over the surface and tilled into the top 3 inches.


Used for infield mixes and also for turf applications. A revolutionary product in the soils sport market world with proven results. Materially improves water holding capacity of soil and turf while demonstrating 40% water saving for sandy soils, up to 60% for clay and other soils. It retains 12 times its weight when hydrated and increases grass and turf germination and growing rates. Materially reduces compaction of sports fields skinned areas, resulting in less sports injuries and it will remain in the soil, grass or turf and degrade over a period of years, allowing for only incremental additional treatments each year, depending on the nature of the soil and its condition.

Success stories


Can AquaSmart Pro achieve results in just 6 days? Absolutely. This was stressed and unable to hold water. As a topical application we spread AquaSmart Pro evenly across the surface a hot spot of this baseball field. In just a matter of days the results were amazing. The soil was able to hold a considerably greater amount of water allowing the roots to stay hydrated.


Ewing Irrigation completed an infield renovation project for Western High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Company consultants worked closely with the Western High School head baseball coach to incorporate AquaSmart Field Magic into the existing field fines. The team blended AquaSmart Field Magic with field fines and then worked the product down into the existing field skin using a nail drag and drop spreader. A Bobcat was used to further blend the new fines and were then spread on the infield which raised the playing surface two to three inches. “The playing conditions are extremely better a far as playability goes,” reported Coach Krier. “And the results thus far are outstanding.”